Let me introduce myself. My name is Jean-Dominique Séval and I’m an economist found of NextGen Tech.

After obtaining a post-graduate degree from Université Paris IX-Dauphine (DEA in Management Sciences – 1986), I spent the longest period of my job in the consulting business with the firms PRECEPTA (Director of studies) and BIPE Conseil (Director of the Information Technologies Department) before joining IDATE as the Director of Sales and Marketing.

Responsible for promoting DigiWorld Institute by IDATE’s expertise internationally, I am in charge of marketing the Institute’s study and consulting services, as well as its publishing and conference-related activities. I am also the head of the Research Business Unit, and therefore responsible for the planning, production and marketing of all of Institute’s market reports and the services that make up its annual catalogue.

I am publishing a prospective column – so called “It’s already 2020” – in a French newslettre “Edition Multimedia” edited by Charles de Laubier. All these short stories are based on research carried out by my colleagues, analysts and consutants, at DigiWorld Institute by DATE.

  Read more about the Digital World on
> DigiWorld by IDATE Blog

These posts were previously published in  the “Vous êtes déjà en 2020” chronical of the review “Edition Multimedia” edited by Charles de Laubier                     

Special thanks to Bruno Rocco for providing us its own vision of the Digital World in 2020 (front page illustration)
> more  on Rocco


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